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1/32nd - 1/35th Scale

1/32 and 1/35 scales are the traditional scales for models and miniatures.
1/32 was once so common scale for toy trains, autos, and soldiers that it was also known as "standard size" in the modeling industry.

Now days both scales are common in scale military modeling such as backgrounds, tanks and armored cars.


1/32nd-1/35th - European Ruin

Corner Building Ruin

Painted and with posters to depict Germany late 1944-45

Price £17.00
1/32nd-1/35th - Fortified House

"Fortified House"

This consists of a ruined building that can have windows or sections of brick.

Price £29.00
1/32nd-1/35th - Barn Side

Barn Side

Price £13.00
1/32nd-1/35th - Barn Entrance Double Doors

Barn Entrance Double Doors

The Barn Side and Entrance can be purchased together for £23.00, Saving £3.00

Price £13.00
1/32nd-1/35th - House front mixed media

House front mixed media (Facade)

Resin Plastic Laser Cut wood Door panel.

Price £24.00
Walls / Pillars with Railings

Walls / Pillars with Railings

(Mixed Media)


Price £9.00
1/32nd-1/35th - ETOWall with Doorway

ETOWall with Doorway

Price £12.00
1/32nd-1/35th - Rough Plastered Building

Rough Plastered Building

Price £15.00
Walls / Pillars with Railings


Price £16.00

1/32nd-1/35th - Fire Place

Fire Place

Price £3.00
1/32nd-1/35th - Resin Floor Boards

Resin Floor Boards

Price £8.00

1/32nd - 1/35th with Multi-Scale Accessories

1/32nd-1/35th - Barn Entrance + Barn Entrance

Barn Side + Barn Entrance

Price £23.00
1/32nd-1/35th - European Ruin Combined with Multi-Scale Accessories

"European" Ruin Combined with Multi-Scale Cobbles

Mix & Match any Multi-scale Accessories and create the perfect match




NOTE: Any Posters / Signs are NOT included in the kits.

Postage & Packaging: Click here to view Postage and Packing costs for All Scales.