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Latest news

adM Models are pleased to announce the release of Aviation Resin Wheels in 1/24th scale.
There are lot of new items in the 1/72 - 1/76 Range. Click on the 1/72nd-1/76th Scale at the bottom of the page in order to see all the 1/72 - 1/76 Range including all the new listings.

Latest news May 2015

The 1/32nd -1/35th range has been increased with 4 new items:

1. "Fortified House"
This consists of a ruined building that can have windows or sections of brick that can be used in the windows and front entrance to "Fortify" the house. £29.00
2. Barn Side £13.00
3. Barn Entrance Double Doors £13.00
The Barn Side and Entrance can be purchased together for £23.00 Saving £3.00
4. Broken Wall Section £5.00
This can be combined with the 120mm "Flagstone" Base (£6.00) for £9.00 Saving £2.00

House front mixed media


For purchasing adM Models Latest Releases see "The Range" page.



1/72nd -1 /76th Range

Barn Building (Semi Ruin)
This consists of a Four sided building with a floor.

- The front section has a small window, and a Double door entrance with doors.
- There is a single door entrance with a door on the rear wall section.
- The Right side wall has a window.
- Some "rubble piles" are also supplied these match the broken sections on the walls.
- Also there are some "Beam" sections.

For purchasing adM Models Latest Releases see "The Range" page.



NEW - Sets of Posters

- WW1 French Posters.
- WW2 German "Domestic" Propaganda Posters.

These sets will be available in all scales.


Important: adM Models can now accept Credit Cards at shows.


The adM Models on tour calendar for 2016 will be updated in the following weeks. Please check again to find out more.