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2018 Shows

The UK shows in Bold indicate that Stephen auf der Mauer will not attend in person; however, there will be an associate, who will have stock of every item, and an order book any order taken will be PP free.



Shows for 2018 will be posted on Facebook



More Shows Comming Soon

Please check regularly for more shows and events.

Latest Releases & News

    1/24th Aviation Resin Wheels   1/32nd - 1/35th Scale   1/32nd - 1/35th Combined with Multi-Scale
    - Harrier   - Barn Insert   "European" Ruin Combined with Multi Scale Cobbles Plaster Exposed Brick Pavement with Kerbside
    - FW190A   - Barn Entrance  
    - ME 109E   - Barnside  
    - Hurricane Mk1   - Fortified House    
    - Spitfire Mk1 5b 6       1/48th Scale
    - Stuka   1/32nd - 1/35th House front Mixed Media   New 1/48th Scale accessories
    - Mustang   Resin Plastic, Laser Cut wood, Door Panel